High quality tilapia

raised in central Iowa

for consumers everywhere


Iowa entrepreneurs creating innovative and sustainable seafood production


Purpose built facility is designed to be the most water neutral and carbon neutral form of production


Excellent food safety as well as flavor, nutritional value, and freshness


Built, owned, and operated by entrepreneurs from rural farm families whose legacy and purpose revolves around feeding the world, Eagle’s Catch embodies the American spirit. The company supplies nutritious, heart-healthy protein grown in an inland, purpose-built farm using the most recent recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) technology.

In addition to their rural roots and traditional farming backgrounds, the team at Eagle’s Catch has over 100 years of collective aquaculture experience. They put their knowledge to work growing high quality tilapia in a proven, cost-competitive system implementing the newest technology available.

Just as crop and livestock farmers in the US strive to be good stewards of natural resources, Eagle’s Catch has the same focus for producing high quality tilapia. Over-fishing in oceans is depleting natural fish stocks, creating concerns over sustainability. In addition, the amount of pollution and accumulated trash in the ocean is affecting the quality of the seafood there. Eagle’s Catch offsets both of these issues by meeting increasing demand for high quality tilapia produced in a closed, sustainable, and clean manner.

Located in the community of Ellsworth, Iowa, in the center of the upper Midwest on Interstate 35 and near four-lane Highway 20, Eagle’s Catch will offer a consistent supply and one-stop source for access to major distribution hubs and markets under-supplied with fresh and healthful seafood.

The City of Ellsworth is excited and proud to have Eagles Catch as part of our community.
We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.   

Danny Anderson
City Superintendent