Eagle’s Catch, LLLP

By leveraging relationships, research, and resources, Eagle’s Catch leads in the production of high quality American seafood. The company’s vision is for environmentally friendly seafood, a responsible alternative to the over-fishing of wild fish stocks and potential sources of toxicity from heavy metals found in some seafoods. While producing protein, Eagle’s Catch strives to be a good neighbor, community member, and employer by valuing relationships and being good citizens.

Like most American farmers, the team at Eagle’s Catch is determined to produce protein in a sustainable, responsible, and environmentally conscious manner. The purpose-built facility at Eagle’s Catch is designed to achieve the lowest carbon emissions and water waste of any production system or catching method. We want to see clean water supplies flourish globally as consumers trust in the quality of seafood grown through American aquaculture’s focus on food safety, customer relationships, research and innovation, and social responsibility.

Eagle’s Catch follows a natural growth program to produce healthy fish that efficiently convert sustainable feed ingredients sourced from the United States and Canada into the highest quality lean protein, free of antibiotics or added hormones.

By working with Eagle’s Catch, you will appreciate our commitment to quality in our business dealings as well as the product we offer. Learn more about our team below.


Purpose-Built Recirculating Aquaculture System

Based on previous aquaculture experience of Eagle’s Catch’s management team, we built a unique, purpose-built recirculating system. The project encompasses 10 acres of real estate with a greenhouse structure covering approximately 3.8 acres under roof. The greenhouse contains 48 production tanks and a nursery production system.

The location is ideally situated to take advantage of the main north-south interstate artery in the United States – I-35. Ellsworth is located at the 133 mile marker of I-35 and is intersected by U.S. Highway 175, very near to east-west four-lane US 20, and approximately 50 miles north of the other major US east-west artery – I-80.

Eagle’s Catch boasts these advantages:
  • Efficiency and economies of scale​
  • Simplified construction and increased tolerance of moisture and humidity due to greenhouse structure
  • Reduced maintenance and potential for failure due to air blower systems
  • Municipal industrial park setting provides access to existing infrastructure in utilities, sewer, and interstate access
  • High market demand and acceptance product, tilapia, is hardy, tolerant of water temperature ranges and tank density, and resistant to disease
  • Critical mass for wholesale sales accounts and supporting industry development in Iowa


EC JSweeney 5-2019

Joseph D. Sweeney

CEO, Vision
Joe Sweeney grew up in rural Iowa on a farm with cattle, horses, corn, and soybeans. He discovered an early enthusiasm for entrepreneurship while helping his parents with their own in-home publishing business and running a profitable lemonade stand as a college student. After graduating from Iowa State University with a degree in Agricultural Business, he started a business in fish farming. After selling that business in 2016, he earned his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before launching Eagle’s Catch. Sweeney is also a musician, adventurer, and cowboy when his schedule allows. Sweeney leads the vision and strategy for Eagle’s Catch and sees a bright future for American Aquaculture. As world population will double in 63 years, he is focused on feeding tomorrow’s people, while preserving our environment.

EC LZeisman 5-2019

Lisa Ziesman

Integrator, Head of Farm Operations, HR

Lisa Ziesman provides essential support in the Human Resources and Financial Management areas. Before joining Eagle’s Catch, Ziesman worked as a Human Resources Business Partner and Client Services Administrator for a West Des Moines professional employment outsourcing organization. In her position, she worked directly with client’s executive teams varying in size and industry to assist them in executing human resource functions. She graduated from Simpson College in Iowa, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a minor in Human Resources. Ziesman grew up on a family farm near Ellsworth, where she and her husband returned to raise their family.