Eagle's Catch Fish Farm Honored with Iowa Venture Award

The Iowa Area Development Group (IADG), on behalf of Iowa’s rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and independent telecommunication companies, honored eight distinguished Iowa companies with the Iowa Venture Award at a luncheon held in conjunction with the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives’ annual meeting.

“The Iowa Venture Awards Luncheon provides a forum to celebrate the courage, contribution, innovation, responsibility, and vision of Iowa entrepreneurs,” said IADG President Rand Fisher. “Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm is an exciting new company and promises to be a major contributor to Iowa’s leadership role in the rapidly growing aquaculture industry, both in Iowa and the United States.”

Pictured left to right:  Mike Naig, IA Secretary of Agriculture; Thomas Ross, Director, Midland Power Cooperative; Charles Gilbert, Director, Midland Power Cooperative; Dave Sweeney, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm; Nathan Katzer, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm; Dave Block, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm; Ro Block, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm; Joe Sweeney, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm; Shannon Skartvedt, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm; Paul Skartvedt, Eagle’s Catch Fish Farm;  Bill McKim, CEO, Midland Power Cooperative; Kara Boyle, Marketing and Communications Assistant, Midland Power Cooperative; Paul Heineman, Director, Midland Power Cooperative; Kimberly Rinker, Director, Midland Power Cooperative; Jack Runge, Director, Midland Power Cooperative; Norm Fandel, VP of Business Development/Members Services, Midland Power Cooperative; and Rand Fisher, President, IADG.

About the Iowa Venture Award
This marks the 31st year that IADG has presented Iowa Venture Awards to individuals and organizations, both large and small, in recognition of their significant contributions to Iowa’s economy through entrepreneurial leadership, innovation and the creation of job opportunities. History has demonstrated that these are among the most accomplished and successful companies in the state. Together they are helping to sustain and grow Iowa’s economy. The Iowa Venture Award Hall of Fame showcasing these 264 companies can be found at www.IADG.com/HallOfFame.

About Iowa Area Development Group (IADG)
IADG is the business and community development leader for Iowa’s rural electric cooperatives, municipal utilities and independent telecommunication companies. Since 1985, the partnerships and economic development efforts of IADG and their sponsors have assisted with more than 2,100 projects, generating in excess of $12 billion of capital investment and over 53,000 new or retained jobs for Iowa.

Source: https://www.iadg.com