Purpose-Built Recirculating Aquaculture System

Based on previous aquaculture experience of Eagle’s Catch’s management team, a plan for a unique, purpose-built recirculating system was followed. The project encompasses 10 acres of real estate with a greenhouse structure covering approximately 3.8 acres under roof. Eventually, an office and additional shipping facilities building will be added. The greenhouse contains 48 production tanks and a nursery production system.

The location is ideally situated to take advantage of the main north-south interstate artery in the United States – I-35. Ellsworth is located at the 133 mile marker of I-35 and is intersected by U.S. Highway 175, very near to east-west four-lane US 20, and approximately 50 miles north of the other major US east-west artery – I-80.

Eagle’s Catch boasts these advantages:

  • Efficiency and economies of scale
  • Simplified construction and increased tolerance of moisture and humidity due to greenhouse structure
  • Reduced maintenance and potential for failure due to air blower systems
  • Municipal industrial park setting provides access to existing infrastructure in utilities, sewer, and interstate access
  • High market demand and acceptance product, tilapia, is hardy, tolerant of water temperature ranges and tank density, and resistant to disease
  • Significant annual production scale